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BACnetBuilding Automation and Control Networking Protocol (ASHRAE, ISO)
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also manufactures and distributes several automation products such as Modbus TCP/RTU Data Client and BACnet Explorer.
Modbus and BACnet Integration modules that make it easy for building management systems (BMS) to take advantage of the data supplied by RF Code.
Open protocols, such as BACnet or LonWorks, make it possible to connect the various building services and maximise the benefits that a building automation system can provide.
The fulfillment of the requirements specification Klinikum Ingolstadt is mandatorily required for the BACnet system.
In addition to local control, the JO-PC3-MC license allows for the integration of up to five remote devices via LonWorks, BACnet or Modbus communication protocols.
Compatible with any BACnet system, the Babel Buster BB2-7040 allows organizations to easily deploy wireless building automation equipment and sensors using ZigBee mesh networks.
Working in conjunction with Wonderware software, ConneXSoft products help customers decrease development time, cost and project risk by providing BACnet and LonWorks connectivity with a new class of industry-specific application generators, application objects and tools.
GENESIS64 is built upon ICONICS' Platform Services, which includes universal connectivity to OPC UA, OPC, BACnet, SNMP, Databases and Web Services.
Establishment of a MSR - area with about 1,450 physical data points and approximately 1,400 communicative data points;Provide automation stations and program BTL - certified BACnet - interfaces;Supply and installation of all sensors and actuators for Air / Heating / cooling;Construction of 6 IPS including the required automation stations.
Compliance with ASHRAE's Latest BACnet Standard Offers Enhanced Interoperability with Industry-Wide Equipment
Install new BACnet protocol HVAC DDC building automation system with a Vykon front end to monitor, trend and interface with the new HVAC systems.
LonWorks/BACnet Gateway Application -anapplication for the Echelon SmartServer that integrates LonWorks and BACnet systems and enables a truly open building architecture; offered in collaboration with ConnectEx, Inc.