BADACBarangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Philippines)
BADACBallarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (Australia)
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How can we clear barangays kung hindi activated ang mga BADAC nila?
Dela Rosa noted that all barangays are required to appropriate a portion of their annual budget for the BADAC, otherwise, there are grounds for a possible administrative case, specifically dereliction of duty, pursuant to Section 60 of the Local Government Code.
He said the BADAC is also responsible for conducting programs to raise the awareness of the non-users to prevent them from going into illegal drugs useas he said authorities are not only addressing the country's drug problem through supply reduction but also through demand reduction.
He said that there are barangay officials who are afraid to implement the functions of BADACs.
Adunay BADAC, MADAC, ug CADAC, pero pag-abot sa probinsya PDAPRB.
With these findings, the PADAC in coordination with the MADAC of Kiangan scheduled a BADAC training on August 15 at the Municipal Gymnasium to sustain this initiative with the end of equipping the BADAC members and the members of other drug abuse councils on the procedures and processes in handling similar cases including the appropriate interventions.
Out of School Youth, Estokoy, BADAC Orientation, Random Drug Testing, Display of Anti-Drug Slogan, Curfew on Minors, Sports program were among the subjects/topics being discussed.
The BADACs were deputized to plan and implement strategic policies and evaluate programs and projects on drug prevention and control, given the political and police powers of the barangay to administer the affairs of the community.
We are happy that the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), particularly the Office of Assistant Secretary Rico Judge Echiverri, is in constant cooperation with us and committed that they will help in the activation of all BADACs and ADACs in the whole country,' Aquino said.
The number of villages without functioning Badacs represents nearly 30 percent of the country's 42,000 villages, according to Aquino.
Data from CPADAO revealed that 1,066 BADACs were formed in different towns to determine their respective plans of action in solving the drug problem.
In Central Luzon, many Badacs had been inactive until Mr.