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He made his way up the hill; his temper was not improved by noticing unmistakable marks of badger.
There was a smell of fresh earth and dirty badger, which fortunately
Tod took a last look at the badger and softly left the room.
There be three Badgers on a mossy stone, Beside a dark and covered way: Each dreams himself a monarch on his throne, And so they stay and stay Though their old Father languishes alone, They stay, and stay, and stay.
The Badgers did not care to talk to Fish: They did not dote on Herrings' songs: They never had experienced the dish To which that name belongs: And oh, to pinch their tails,' (this was their wish,)
Gently the Badgers trotted to the shore The sandy shore that fringed the bay: Each in his mouth a living Herring bore-- Those aged ones waxed gay: Clear rang their voices through the ocean's roar,
The women were badly clad; the children worse; their garments were buffalo robes, or the skins of foxes, hares, and badgers, and sometimes the skins of ducks, sewed together, with the plumage on.
And well we knew the habits of the Badgers, once fortune smiled upon them.
Badger Alloys has been manufacturing centrifugal dies for 20 years, machining them out of carbon.
Badger is committed to bringing reliable, proven technology to our customers at a low operating and capital cost," said Mark Healey, president of Badger.
Shockingly, it has emerged in the last few weeks that only 120 of 5000 badger deaths will be witnessed by independent monitors turning the whole exercise into a farce.
Badger Trust chairman David Williams said: "However, our concerns that the culls proposed will actually spread the disease have not been heeded.