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David Thomas, 51, described as joint owner of Cwm Bowydd Farm, was found guilty of unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with dogs, causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes by keeping them caged close to dogs causing the foxes to be terrified, and other animal welfare allegations.
St John Ambulance's director of youth and community, Wendy Human, said: "Our Badger programme is now even more fun and engaging for children.
At Badger Truck Center, there are few things we appreciate more than the support of our loyal vendors and customers.
Others have narrowly escaped the horror of badger baiters.
The badger enthusiast, who declined to be named, said the footage was captured on Sunday, July 19, at about 8.
If you find a dead badger, please report it to help us in the fight against bovine TB.
The South African Army have already nicknamed their toughest armoured vehicle after the honey badger, and if I were a showbiz agent, I'd be trying to think up products honey badgers could promote (something containing stupid amounts of alcohol and caffeine, probably) because it's hard not to warm to these ferocious monsters who are not only brave, but fiendishly clever too.
THE reason for the recent march in Birmingham was to stop the barbaric shooting of badgers.
Current knowledge of badger landscape use primarily has come from the western United States where badgers are relatively abundant (Lindzey, 1978; Todd, 1980; Messick and Hornocker, 1981; Minta, 1993; Goodrich and Buskirk, 1998), but little is known about badger landscape use outside of that core area.
The Alice in Wonderland logic appears not even to consider that the rate of transmission of disease from badger to cow (or is it the other way round) is surely dependent upon both the number of badgers per square mile and the ratio of cows to badgers.