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BADSBritish Association of Day Surgery (London, UK)
BADSBehavioral Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome
BADSBlack Locks with Albinism and Deafness Syndrome
BADSBiological Agent Detection System
BADSBiological Agent Decontamination Simulant
BADSBoston Air Defense Sector
BADSBergen Amateur Dramatic Society (Bergen, Norway)
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Bads are offered based on the expectation that, for the "consumer," the willingness to evade the bad is inferior to the marginal utility of the good.
In the validity analysis, intercorrelations of measures within individual D-KEFS tests and correlations between measures of different D-KEFS tests were computed; also, correlations of D-KEFS tests with the BADS scores were calculated.
Omission Errors, CE Comission Errors (a) p [less than or equal to] 0,05 comparing control and frontal lesion group (b) p [less than or equal to] 0,05 comparing control and non-frontal lesion group Table 3 Comparison among the three groups, regarding executive functions Groups Variables Frontal Extra-Frontal Net Median (tertiles) Median (tertiles) Executive Functions BADS Weighted Total 15.
Diffuse harms of the kind caused by public bads take significantly more theory and experience to define than do direct and individual harms.
Radiographs of the shoulders showed BADS without any evidence of fracture in tuberosities or neck humerus.
The research of Evans, Chua, McKennna, and Wilson (1997) and Krabbendam, Vugt, Derix, and Jolles (1999) showed that BADS is an essential contributor in the identification of executive deficits in people diagnosed with schizophrenia, especially in those with their general intellectual capability intact.
Time to think Think of all the things you have done Good and bad but blot out the bad And face the happiness that you have won Everybody goes through life good and bad Close your eyes Blot out the bads things and treasure the good Everyone has good days and bad And everyone has happy days too And some have bad days But you are alive Make the best of it I do.
BADs ml tswa Had we priced this match before the league campaign, the Dubs would be strongly favoured with the handicap at either -3 or -4.
We tax the bads (that is, pollution) and not the goods (that is, income).
It is a huge worry, we are lobbying MPs and hoping the Conservatives will think again about this, because you just cannot preserve the frontline with cuts as bads as this.