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BAELBéton Armé aux Etats Limites (French: State Reinforced Concrete Limit; construction regulation)
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Fruits treated with bael extracts @ 50 per cent concentration had a mean spoilage percentage of 6.
RECOMMENDATIONS: As the global scenario is now changing towards use of non-toxic plant products having traditional medicinal use, development of modern drugs from neem and bael should be emphasized.
Boy's father Isak Musayev said his son Bael and grandson Ilamidin Isakov were injured in the blast.
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Yu'un bayel klo'oj nutsel me tey ya xboon ae, awil x-ochon bael, ora xjamot puertae, X'Ochonbael, awilxk'otmejnutsawe, awilxlok'ixtalamewardiae, xjapuyotixtal ta chikotelaja.
According to biologists at CEMDE, curry leaf tree, lemon and other citrus fruits, asclepias or milk weed varieties, ageratum also called white weed, nerium and bael tree attract maximum number of butterflies.
Bael (wood apple) and rose sherbet, lemonade, mintade, m panna, barley or chana sattoo, jeera-hing lassi, smoothies, kokum water, thandai, litchi juice, jamun juice, cucumber and mint soup and camomile tea are some great summer coolers.
Squad: Goalkeepers: Faiz Al Rashidi, Mazin Al Qasbi, Bilal Mohammed; Defenders: Sd Suhail, Ali Salem, Nazeer Al Maskari, Hassan Mudhafar, Jaber Al Owaisi, Mohammed Al Mosalmi, Abdul Rahman Saleh, Bael Al Rawahi, Basem Al Rogibi; Midfielders: Ali Al Jabri, Raid Saleh, Eid Al Farsi, Mohammed Al Mashiri, Abdullah Nooh, Qasim Said Juma Darwish, Fahad Al Galbobi, Hatem Al Hamhami, Mohammed Al Habsi, Yahia Said; Strikers: Yaqoob Abdul Kareem, Abdulah Saleh, Hussain Al Hadri, Mohammed Al Gassani, Mohammed Al Siabi, Hasan Rabe'ea.
This relative delay is also in line with previous studies showing a difficulty in accurately imitating prosodic contours of linguistic phrases at 12 months (Schaerlaekens, Forrez, & Van Bael, 1990; Siegel, Cooper, Morgan, & Brenneise-Sarshad, 1990) while around 3 or 4 years this ability seems already quite developed (Loeb & Allen, 1993; Snow, 2001).