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BAEREBritish Atomic Energy Research Establishment
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de Baere commented, "My colleagues and I are pleased that we are a part of the SOLSTICE study.
in Beucher and Lantuejoul (1979); Beucher and Meyer (1993); Roerdink and Meijster (2000); Baere and Lehmann (2006).
de Baere, an interventional radiologist at the Institut de Cancerologie Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France.
de Baere recruited 10 patients with metastases in the liver from
by Gust Blauwens, Peter De Baere, and Eddy Van de Voorde.
There are hints of affinity in the terms used for these partnerships: baere is also romantic partner and kale is a term for spouse.
For example, in the European Union, the consumer-protection laws of each individual country remain in place, with transactions falling under the law of the country in which the consumer resides, says Karel De Baere, who heads up e-business efforts in Europe for PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Researchers have recommended that investigators measure, concurrently or alternatively, students' academic performance because on-task gains do not guarantee comparable gains in academic performance, and increases in on-task behavior tend to be greater than, or similar to, increases in students' academic performance (Beer, 1984; McCarl, Svobodny, & Baere, 1991; McDougall & Brady, 1995; McLaughlin, 1983).
In this transaction, 39% of the mortgages have the benefit of an insurance policy but Standard & Poor's has been able to delink the risk of insolvency of the insurance company from Monastery 2003-I," said Kevin De Baere, credit analyst at Standard & Poor's Structured Finance Ratings group in London.
7 JIMMIE DURHAM (MUSEUM VAN HEDENDAAGSE KUNST ANTWERPEN; CU RATED BY BART DE BAERE AND ANDERS KREUGER) This focused, intimate approach to Durham's work rightly emphasized the artist's balance of impassioned criticality, uncanny communion with materials, and poetic acuity.
Vancouver Art & Economies; and de Baere and Roelstraete (eds.