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BAEREBritish Atomic Energy Research Establishment
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Vibeke Hein Baere, another defence lawyer, told TV2 Nyhetskanalen Sunday her client was preparing for his testimony, which is set to begin Tuesday, and was jotting down notes, but insisted he would not be allowed to make an ideological speech to the court.
Men du kan ikke se mig," siger jeg sa hojt, stemmen kan baere mig.
These initial points are called the 'springs' of the 'basins' in the following (Beucher and Lantuejoul, 1979; Beucher and Meyer, 1993; Baere and Lehmann, 2006).
En otros casos, el lagar ha sido el foco central de trabajos de investigacion (Rodriguez Martin, 1988; Gomez y Guerin, 1995; Brochado y Costa Pinto, 1997; Ferreira, Brochado y Rodriguez, 2000; Rodriguez Cosme, 2001; Laranjeira, 2001 y 2004; Viana Antunes y Baere, 2002).
Nemec AL, Dijkshoorn I, Cleenwerck T, De Baere D, Janssens TJ, Van Der Reijden, et al.
A Diaphana Distribution (in France) release of an Agat Films, France 3 Cinema (France)/Entre Chien & Loup, RTBF, Ateliers de Baere (Belgium) production, in association with Diaphana Distribution, Films Distribution/Mercure Intl.
Moroccan-born American painter Coriat de Baere renders historic images from the Holocaust through a new lens, doing away with the softening effect achieved by the public's familiarity with the images.
Frances's mentors at L'artisan du Chocolate aided her in securing a position in a renowned Belgium patisserie, De Baere where she spent a "wonderful" 12 months and learned that for Belgians, chocolate is a way of life.
In addition, BAERE has also been given a warning letter last month from the municipality to freeze files under process for a building license.
Thierry de Baere said at the annual meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiology.