BAESBirmingham Adult Education Service (UK)
BAESBanjul American Embassy School (Gambia)
BAESBeijing Academy of Educational Sciences (Beijing, China)
BAESBloc Autonome Eclairage de Sécurité (French: Block Autonomous Security Lighting)
BAEsBovine Aortic Endothelial Cell
BAESBill Arp Elementary School (Douglasville, GA)
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As part of the agreement, BAES widens its range of value-added services to its customers across the country with the deployment of FCSL's solutions for flight commissioning and calibration.
The report also claims that the Derby Diocese is a custodian trustee for 205 shares in BAES Loan Stock, while the North Midland Presbyterian and Unitarian Association is listed as owning 759 shares in Smiths Group.
BAES centres across the city opened for a new term on January 7 but it is never too late to sign up as some courses will still have places available.
If BAES is successful in making necessary changes in the partnering arrangement, it could be well placed to win work on the next generation of medium weight AFVs.
Small electrical work (maintenance or improvement, troubleshooting, BAES, alarm
Avcorp designs and builds major airframe structures for some of the world's leading aircraft companies, including Boeing, BAES and Cessna.
According to court documents, from approximately 2000 to 2002, BAES represented to various U.
Survivability improvements include a BAES Digital Electronic Warfare System (DEWS) working in concert with the Raytheon Advanced Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) radar.
It also includes packages out services paid following the Price Schedule (BPU), the minimum and maximum annual is, for each lot, as follows Lot # 1 Maintenance and servicing of BAES (lighting Autonomous Blocks Relief)
obtaining the Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit (FRADU), BAES Hawk
The number of facilities on lot 1 is about 950 fire extinguishers, 1322 BAES and 33 smoke extraction systems.