BAESABuenos Aires Embotelladora SA (Spanish; Argentina beverage company)
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We expect that as a core shareholder, CMQ will provide BAESA with new opportunities for expansion and growth, as well as the synergies needed to optimize cost competitiveness.
This primarily reflected PepsiCo's share of the operating losses at BAESA.
PepsiCo's share of the losses and charges announced by BAESA on August 8, 1996 (approximately $55 million after-tax or $.
I believe BAESA has the most modern manufacturing facilities available today and can compete vigorously and successfully for years to come.
BAESA expects to report a loss similar to the net loss reported for the first quarter of fiscal 1996, principally due to weak sales volumes in the Company's Argentine and Brazilian franchise territories.
The consolidation of BAESA and the acquisitions of two breweries in Bolivia and a second soft drink bottler in Argentina have strengthened the Company's position as one of the leading beverage producers in Latin America.
The Company created the ECUSA joint venture with BAESA, PepsiCo.
Total beverage volumes increased 37 percent to 3,667,000 hectoliters as a result of the acquisition of BAESA in December 1999.
02 per share) resulting from a public offering of shares by BAESA, a franchised bottling affiliate in South America.
The agreement involves issuing new non-voting preferred Quinsa shares in payment for the acquired BAESA shares.
The Company created a joint venture with BAESA, PepsiCo.
This increase was the result of the acquisition of BAESA which more than offset the divestiture of the mineral water business in Argentina.