BAESABuenos Aires Embotelladora SA (Spanish; Argentina beverage company)
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3 Los Bemberg ofrecieron unos 250 millones de dolares por el 63% de BAESA que controlaban tres bancos: Citi, BankBoston y VereinsBank (Diario Clarin, 31/8/1999).
Concentracion: pagaran 250 millones por el 63% de BAESA Quilmes, mas cerca de Pepsi.
The increase in these expenses is the combined result of the Bolivian acquisitions, the consolidation of BAESA for a full quarter and the tax reclassification mentioned earlier.
The shareholders of both Cerveceria y Malteria Quilmes ("CMQ") and BAESA approved the merger of the companies in December 2000.
7 million as a result of the financing obtained for the acquisitions of BAESA and of Cerveceria Boliviana Nacional ("CBN").
The increase in net debt was the result of financing incurred to acquire BAESA and CBN, in addition to the consolidation of BAESA's own debt.
BAESA is an Argentine company that has exclusive agreements to produce, bottle and distribute PepsiCo soft drink brands largely in the Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and Cordoba regions of the country and in Uruguay.
The increase in gross profit was again principally the result of the consolidation of BAESA.
Administrative expenses, excluding the effects of BAESA, Eco de los Andes and the expenses reclassification, actually declined from US$ 17.
Payment for the tendered class B shares and ADSs of BAESA is expected to be made on Wednesday, July 12, 2000.
Administrative expenses, excluding the effect of BAESA and the expenses reclassification, declined from US$ 21.
2 million during the first quarter of 1999 as a result of a US$ 200 million syndicated bank loan that was used to finance the acquisition of BAESA.