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BAFCBlack Audio Film Collective (est. 1982; UK)
BAFCBritish Airways Flying Club (UK)
BAFCBryn Athyn Fire Company (Bryn Athyn, PA)
BAFCBurton Albion Football Club (UK)
BAFCBlame America First Crowd
BAFCBarrow Associated Football Club
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Whatever the size of picture or artwork BAFC can frame it professionally, directly to each customer's instructions.
The exhibition marks the largest collection of BAFC work ever put into one gallery.
22, 2012 (the Upsize Closing Date), BAFC 2012-R5 purchased an additional $241.
Commentators who see BAFC chiefly as a documentary enterprise offering a corrective to mainstream accounts of British history make it easy to overlook the experimental nature of the group's work.
Indeed, we owe thanks to curators Kodwo Eshun and Anjalika Sagar--members of the Otolith Group, in whose filmmaking the legacy of BAFC clearly lives on--for this long overdue and beautifully organized retrospective, and for an accompanying monograph rich with essays, interviews, and photographic documentation.
With Signs of Empire, BAFC suggest the negation of illusion and fiction and intimate the possible contribution of a creative consciousness to the invention of the past's unrealized futures.
To make Testament (1988), which tells the story of an expatriate television reporter who returns to Ghana after the 1966 military coup ending Kwame Nkrumah's socialist government, BAFC lowered the threshold of exposure and used more color filters to produce sumptuous shadows and tinted atmospheres, seeming to imply memory's distanced and traumatic relation to the past.
While the class A-1 notes are currently benefiting from excess spread, distributions to parties or classes other than the class A-1 notes represent diversion of the cash flows provided by the RMBS portfolio that do not benefit BAFC 2012-R4.
The mismatch causes more principal to be used to pay interest to the nondeferrable tranches in Fitch's modeled 'up' interest rate stress, decreasing the total cash flows passed on to BAFC 2012-R4.
Concerns regarding the amount of interest and principal collections from the portfolio that could be used to pay obligations other than the class A notes are mitigated within the BAFC 2012-R4 structure, discussed below.
Group 2 is a resecuritization of 100% interest in the class 5-A-1 mortgage pass-through certificates from BAFC series 2007-5 Trust which represents beneficial ownership interest in fixed-rate, conventional, first lien residential mortgage loans, substantially all of which have original terms to stated maturity of 15 years.
BAFC, a special purpose corporation, purchased the mortgage loans from various entities and deposited the loans into the trusts.