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BAFFB-Cell-Activating Factor (biology)
BAFFBündnis Aktiver Fußballfans (organisation of German soccer fans against racism)
BAFFBritish Armed Forces Federation
BAFFBusto Arsizio Film Festival (Italy)
BAFFBureau des Affaires Francophones et Francophiles (Office of Francophone and Francophile Affairs)
BAFFBoulder Asian Film Festival (Boulder, CO)
BAFFBoulder Adventure Film Festival (Colorado)
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A recently completed phase II trial of belimumab, an antibody against BAFF, has demonstrated promising activity, and additional agents antagonizing BAFF and the related cytokine APRIL are in various stages of development.
BAFF transgenics), or (3) apoptotic cell/autoantigen processing (e.
However, abnormal elevations of B-cells and BAFF may lead to an overactive immune response, which may damage normal healthy tissues and organ systems.
Excess BAFF rescues self-reactive B cells from peripheral deletion and allows them to enter forbidden follicular and marginal zone niches.
BAFF overexpression is associated with autoantibody production in autoimmune diseases.
Between the beginning and the end, BAFF will present its program in a series of thematic clusters.
Mitterrand's TV doc is grouped with Rene-Jean Bouyer's "Callas vs Tebaldi: The Tigress and The Dove" -- one of several duel-themed made-for-TV docs in the BAFF program produced for a French series called "Face To Face" -- and "Oum Kalthoum, l'Astre de l'Orient," another TV doc, made by Feriel Ben Mahmoud and Nicolas Daniel.
The Fabulous Baker Brothers, who have inspired people to get into the kitchen with their brand new Channel 4 show, will be special guests at the BAFF, which is returning to County Durham on April 21.
Concentrations of BAFF in serum, saliva, and SF of patients with SLE, RA, SS, periodontal disease, xerostomia, ankylosing spondylitis, and osteoarthritis.
Among them are the BAFF receptor regulation of peripheral B-lymphocyte survival and development, the role of BAFF and APRIL in antibody production and diversification, TACI signaling and its role in immunity, systemic immune-based rheumatic diseases, translating BAFF inhibition from the mouse to non-human primates and humans, and the role of BLyS in B-cell malignancies.
These findings may lead to improvements in our ability to treat patients with CLL, either by blocking the effect of BAFF on CLL cells or inhibiting the signaling pathways triggered by BAFF that can lead to upregulation of MYC," he added.
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