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BAFOBest And Final Offer
BAFOBritish Air Forces of Occupation (UK)
BAFOBritish Association of Forensic Odontology (UK)
BAFOBase Accounting & Finance Office
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For this reason, the Lottery decided to seek BAFOs from the bidders.
138) The district court reasoned that the SLA's inclusion within the initial competitive range, and subsequent request for the SLA's BAFO, implied that the SLA's offer had a reasonable chance of receiving award.
We're excited about this new technology which will allow those who use voice call features in instant messaging programs to have the best possible and toll-free experience," says Frank Schwartz, Director of Marketing for BAFO Technologies.
BAFO Technologies is currently working with retailers in the U.
Based in Piscataway, NJ, BAFO Technologies is the US subsidiary of Taiwan First Line Electronics (TFL), a 25-year-old Taiwan-based global manufacturer and a publicly traded company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.
These requirements of the funding contributors--as well as the intentions of the private sector partner as detailed in the BAFO bid--were eventually entrenched in the official contract document that formalized the P3 arrangement (RAV Project Management Ltd.
In 2004, two of those firms were invited to submit a BAFO bid, from which a team led by the Quebec-based engineering firm SNC-Lavalin was selected.
BAFO, a manufacturer of computer and consumer electronic accessories, said today that it has signed an agreement with marketing and distribution company Global Marketing Partners Inc to provide BAFO's peripheral product line to technology media resellers in Canada through technology distributor Ingram Micro Inc (NYSE:IM).
As an introductory offer BAFO is offering Ingram Micro's Canadian resellers a USD15 mail-in rebate until 16 April 2010 on the latest BAFO Easy Transfer Cable for Windows 7.
89) Interbake had not submitted a BAFO by the deadline, so the contracting officer extended the closing date to 3 January 1992.
The GAO determined that the protester suffered no material harm in allowing the agency to correct its obvious clerical mistake and evaluate all BAFOs in accordance with the pricing iustructions in its request for proposals.
6, 1998) (recommending that the agency re-evaluate BAFOs and terminate the contract if the awardee was not the successful offeror after re-evaluation).