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BAGABesluit Aanwijzing Gevaarlijke Afvalstoffen (Dutch: decree on hazardous waste material; was BACA)
BAGABismarck Art and Galleries Association (Bismarck, ND)
BAGABengali Association of Greater Atlanta (est. 1979; Atlanta, GA)
BAGABritish Amputee Golf Association
BAGABritish Amateur Gymnastic Association
BAGABay Area Gardeners Association (Redwood City, CA)
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In the vegetable kingdom we have a case of analogous variation, in the enlarged stems, or roots as commonly called, of the Swedish turnip and Ruta baga, plants which several botanists rank as varieties produced by cultivation from a common parent: if this be not so, the case will then be one of analogous variation in two so-called distinct species; and to these a third may be added, namely, the common turnip.
During a press briefing today in Geneva, UNHCR spokesperson Leo Dobbs said "we are particularly concerned about the attack at the Kousseri site for internally displaced Chadians in Baga Sola that left at least 22 people dead in an area where we and our partners have been trying to help provide protection and
After an hour's drive from the airport to Baga, I was greeted with some fresh cold towels, rose water and the resort manager Daren at the Acron Waterfront Resort.
Amnesty International says the Baga massacre may have claimed two thousand lives.
In its issue of January 12, Bloomberg mentioned that "after the gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, the Nigerian president issued a statement condemning the 'dastardly terrorist attack', but said nothing about the Baga massacre in his own country.
The election is occurring amid reports of killings and kidnappings carried out by Boko Haram, which claimed responsibility for the massacre this month of hundreds of people in the town of Baga.
I suspect that, if there wasn't a way for the Fear And Trembling Caucus to link it to the awful events in Paris, the massacre of somewhere north of 2,000 people in the Nigerian fishing village of Baga might not even have registered on American radar.
How Muslim and Christian Women in Nigeria Banded Together to Fight Violent Extremism With all eyes turned on France last week, a massacre perpetrated by religious extremists in a northeastern Nigerian town called Baga barely registered around the globe.
Up to 2,000 people were mercilessly executed in the Nigerian towns of Baga and Doron Baga by Boko Haram - that bloodthirsty, depraved and wicked Jihadist group that controls large swathes of the country.
The images, taken on the 2 nd and 7 th of January, show some 3,700 structures damaged or destroyed in Baga and Doron Baga this month.
Speaking at a press briefing in Geneva on Tuesday, Ravina Shamdasani, spokesperson for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), said the UN agency deeply deplored "the vicious, ruthless attacks against civilians" in and around the Nigerian town of Baga, in Borno State, where Boko Haram has reportedly been operating since January 3.
The accounts were given by villagers who fled the carnage in and around Baga, a town in Borno state that lies in the northeastern corner of Nigeria near the border with Chad.