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BAITBulgarian Association of Information Technologies
BAITBay Area Implementation Team (Canada)
BAITBay Area Improv Theatre (Tampa, FL; est. 2004)
BAITBass Anglers Italian Team (fishing)
BAITBookeeping and Accounting Interactive Tutor (business education)
BAITBase Angles of an Isosceles Triangle (Are Equal; geometry)
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When they're lousy it's a sign they've all been herdin' together by the thousand, and when they take the bait that way they're hungry.
An' two young fellers I know'll bait up a tub or so o' trawl, while they're cleanin'," said Disko, lashing the wheel to his taste.
That meant the boys would bait with selected offal of the cod as the fish were cleaned - an improvement on paddling barehanded in the little bait-barrels below.
The best bait, as huntsmen and fishermen require it.
With my best bait shall I allure to myself to-day the strangest human fish!
The survivors then become extremely shy, and can scarcely be "brought to medicine," to use the trapper's phrase for "taking the bait.
Growers should be prepared to bait in the lead up to sowing, as well as being prepared to bait at sowing.
Diving pelicans are easy to spot, butasingleternlockedontoa small area may be hovering over a bait ball big enough to fill your well.
Although widely used in Australia and New Zealand, the application of 1080 bait is extremely hazardous to livestock, wildlife and humans.
Knowing how to fish with punchbait turned out to be as important as the bait itself," he says.
Study Areas Field experiments of bait attractiveness were conducted in four apiaries.