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BAKBackup (File Name Extension)
BAKBack At Keyboard
BAKBundesamt für Kultur (German: Federal Office for Culture; Switzerland)
BAKBiking Across Kansas (bicycle tour)
BAKBauartklasse (German insurance term)
BAKBerliner Arbeitskreis Information (German)
BAKBasic Aeronautical Knowledge
BAKBetrayal At Krondor (computer game)
BAKBundesaufsichtsamt für das Kreditwesen (German banking supervisory board)
BAKBaku, Azerbaijan - Baku (Airport Code)
BAKBlut Alkohol Konzentration (German: blood alcohol level)
BAKBinary Adaption Kit
BAKBeitragsanpassungsklausel (German; legal insurance)
BAKBewußtsein, Atmung, Kreislauf
BAKBosomtwe-Atwima-Kwanwoma (district; Ghana)
BAKBouviers d'Australie et des Kelpies (French: Australian Kelpie and Cattle Dog; dog club)
BAKBarrier Arresting Kit
BAKBilateral Above Knee (amputation)
BAKBiohybrid Artificial Kidney
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The facility, to be located in Tianjin, a coastal city in northeast China, will be owned and operated by BAK's new indirect wholly-owned Chinese subsidiary, BAK International (Tianjin) Co.
BAK stockholders -- or anyone with knowledge about this situation -- should contact lawyer Hamilton Lindley at hlindley@dunnamlaw.
ONG BAK made Tony Jaa a star, THE PROTECTOR will solidify his place among the action-hero elite.
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 29, a delegation of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal People's Congress took an inspection tour of the power lithium battery R&D and production base of China BAK Battery, Inc.
BAK is a common preservative contained in many ocular solutions, such as eye drops, to prevent bacterial growth and is a known eye irritant.
SHENZHEN, China & DALLAS -- China BAK Battery, Inc.