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BALBaltimore (Maryland)
BALBronchoalveolar Lavage (medical)
BalBaluchi (linguistics)
BALBoite Aux Lettres
BALBreak A Leg
BALBlood Alcohol Level
BALBenefits Administration Letter (FEHB)
BALBritish Anti-Lewisite (dimercaprol; chelating agent)
BALBibliography of American Literature
BALBasic Assembly Language
BALBranch and Link (IBM)
BALBasic Assembler Language
BALBornova Anadolu Lisesi (Izmir, Turkey high school)
BALBaltimore Penn Station (Amtrak station code)
BALBharti Airtel Limited (India)
BALBrigate Autonome Livornesi (Italian: Autonomous Brigades of Livorno; Livorno, Italy; est. 1999)
BALBank Alfalah Limited
BALBatman, Turkey - Nearest Air Service Through Diyarbakir (Airport Code)
BALBlack Americans for Life
BALBig Ass Light
BALBal d'Arts Légers (French dance company)
BALBureau d'Action Linguistique (French: Office Action Language; various locations)
BALBronx Academy of Letters (Bronx, New York)
BALBachelor of Academic Law (degree)
BALBusiness Assembly Language (1970's commercial accounting machines)
BALBenguet Auto Line (bus company, Philippines)
BALBus Arbitration Logic
BALBasic Aircraft Limits
BALBretagne Armor Lux (French; cycling)
BALBritish Architectural Library (UK)
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Our data in Figure 2A reveal a peak increase of TNF-[alpha] in BAL fluid 4 hr after instillation of ufCB.
The prolonged interactions with a variety of target cells provide a reasonable explanation as to why a single challenge of ufCB causes sustained increases of VEGF in BAL fluid even at 42 hr postinstilladon (Figure 2C).
Our data indicate that ufCB causes a sustained increase of secreted VEGF in BAL fluid (Figure 2C).
Pulmonary allergic inflammation in response to HDM was examined by differential cell count of BAL fluid.
The secretion of the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-[Alpha] in serum and BAL fluid differed between two dietary groups.
To investigate the effect of feed restriction on the balance of Th1 and Th2 cytokines, the protein levels of IL-2, IFN[Gamma], IL-4, and IL-10 in serum and in BAL fluid as well as the mRNA levels of IL-2, IFN[Gamma], IL-4, and IL-5 in pulmonary lymph nodes were assessed.
Specifically, these animals had decreased levels of HDM-specific IgE in serum, lower HDM-specific lymphocyte proliferation in pulmonary lymph nodes, reduced infiltration of eosinophils into the lung, and lower levels of LDH and protein in the BAL fluid.
Semmens' treatment of the space occupied by the bals publics in the theater of the Palais-royal and the balls' administration by the Opera is more successful.
Using fictional journalistic accounts of the bals de l'Opera, anecdotes culled from memoirs, and even an unpublished play, Semmens underlines with startling clarity the radical difference in their culture from that of the bals pares under Louis XIV.
The dance repertoire largely consisted of contredanses and minuets, the latter growing less popular after 1745, judging by both musical and choreographic sources with connections to the bals de l'Opera, which Semmens carefully catalogues.
In discussing what the lost violin part books used at the bals de l'Opera might have looked like, for example, Semmens proposes as a model a part book that has survived at the Bibliotheque de l'Opera (p.