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BALCBuckinghamshire Association of Local Councils (UK)
BALCBaltimore Academic Libraries Consortium
BALCBrandon Adult Learning Centre (Brandon, Manitoba, Canada)
BALCBharatiya Academy of Linguistics and Communication (India)
BALCBiographical Annals of Lebanon County (Pennsylvania)
BALCBroncho-Alveolar Lavage Cell
BALCBronchiolo-Alveolar Lung Carcinoma
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A proximite des voies ferrees, cette riviere attire alors les entreprises sherbrookoises affranchies des barrages hydrauliques de la BALC (24).
La Corporation de la Cite de Sherbrooke, qui a municipalise la principale entreprise d'electricite installee sur la Magog en 1908, entreprend la construction de barrages hydroelectriques a Westbury et a Weedon, en amont de Sherbrooke, tandis que la Southern Canada Power Company, qui possede depuis 1913 l'ancien barrage de la BALC a l'embouchure de la Saint-Francois, construit une centrale a Hemming Falls, puis a Drummondville, en aval de Sherbrooke.
The mail fraud count charges Clary with later falsely certifying to BALC that the buses had been custom outfitted.