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BALLEBusiness Alliance for Local Living Economies (Burlington, Vermont)
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To prevent the sharp-nosed bullets from hitting primers of the cartridge in front of them in the tubular magazine, the Balle 1898's case had a deep groove around the inside diameter of the rim so the nose of the bullet behind it caught in the groove and was thus prevented from resting against the primer.
Michael Balle served more than 22 years as a DAV Department of Michigan Service Officer and DAV NSO providing needed assistance to disabled veterans and their families," DAV National Adjutant Arthur H.
For more flea-market-type stuff, try the cobblestoned Place du Jeu de Balle.
Sami Bahri for Follow the Learner and Michael and Freddy Balle for The Lean Manager.
Djokovic a rapidement pris les devants, aide par le faible pourcentage de son adversaire en premiere balle.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Special Elephant Ration to Balle Camp
The Lebel was chambered for the 8mm Cartouche a Balle Ordinaire Modele 1886 which consisted of a bottlenecked, rimmed case 50.
Rafik Abdessamad, servi sur le flanc droit par Yassine El Bissati a su profiter d'une sortie malvenue du gardien Khalid El Askari mettant la balle en pleine lucarne.
Preity and her team of belles who cheered on their princes and shared their spoils with pleasing high-fives and warm hugs spiced up the Punjab balle, balle between 22 yards, but the beauty would have lost a bit of its charm without the kind of contrast the objects in the same field of view had provided.
Un dernier sursaut et un encouragement enthousiaste et bruyant du public ont permis a Larsson d'arracher un jeu avant de s'incliner a la seconde balle de match de Serena Williams apres 1 h 19 min d'echanges.