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BALMBorn Again Lesbian Music (touring music ministry; Costa Mesa, CA)
BALMBank Asset Liability Management (various applications)
BALMBlock And List Manipulation
BALMBanyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)
BALMBoston Area Liberation Medics
BALMBritish Association of Lawyer Mediators (UK)
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The PreCleanse Balm is similar to the cleansing oils many of us (including me) use as a makeup remover (in fact, Dermalogica has a PreCleanse oil; the Balm is a solid and more travel-friendly variant).
Bronner's has formulated new Magic Balms in arnica menthol and baby unscented formats.
These egg-shaped bath balms by Musee, a small cottage business in Madison County whose motto is "Soak in Life," make the perfect Easter treats.
90 Kiko Kiss Balm in Pomegranate Made with shea butter and vitamins, this SPF15 balm hydrates and tints.
I always had one or two tubes of this lip balm in my pocket or purse.
Tiger Balm White also promises to help relieve tension headaches.
Momiji Apple Kisses Lip Balm (5ml), marksand spencer.
com This collection of five flavoured moisturising lip balms is made with Community Fair Trade beeswax from Cameroon.
Before you do anything, you must thoroughly clean the lip balm containers with soap and water (removing the entire old product in reused items), and sterilize them with rubbing alcohol.
As part of our commitment to exceed consumers' needs and stay true to Softlips' long legacy of flavorful lip balms, we were inspired to create a new generation of Softlips lip balm," says Katherine Tocheff, director of marketing and innovation skin care and lip care, for The Mentholatum Co.
At the start, my lips were chapped from the cold winter weather but after applying the lip balm they felt soft and smooth and even appeared 'fuller'.