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BALOBulletin des Annonces Légales et Obligatoires (French)
BALOBdellovibrio and Like Organisms
BALOBrigade Air Liaison Officer
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But according to the study done by Schoffield et al (1996), (15) BALO strains could survive for up to nine days under anoxic environments and some BALO strains could grow and attack under microaerobic conditions.
Packet voice networks and convergent OSS/BSS solutions provider Verscom Solutions announced on Tuesday the appointment of Mehmet N Balos as CEO and president.
Gramvoussa, Crete: Far from civilisation, with goat-tracks wending down to the natural creek of Balos beach.
Istvan Balos and noticed that the soles of my shoes were getting tacky.
Balos has worked closely with decision makers at Service Providers, such as, PTTs, National Local and Long Distance Carriers, MSOs, Enterprise Networks, OEM Suppliers and Private Equity/Venture Capital Organizations specializing in telecommunications.