BALRBranch and Link Register (IBM)
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Julie Butendorf, a former senior sales executive at BALR Corporation and Whittman-Hart, joined Mr.
Waterfield Technology Group in March 1999, and BALR Corporation in August
A leader in providing open systems software solutions, BALR designs systems and provides technical consulting services for a wide range of business and engineering clients in Chicago.
The BALR acquisition adds more than 25 new clients and 100 employees to our Chicago branch, the oldest office in our international network," said Robert Bernard, Whittman-Hart Chairman and CEO.
Since 1978, BALR has developed long-term relationships with Chicago-area companies by understanding their evolving technical needs.
We carefully evaluated opportunities to partner with a number of large technology strategy and consulting firms, but we chose Whittman-Hart because its corporate culture and business model are closely aligned with our own," said Tom Overholt, BALR Vice President.