BALTOPSBaltic Operations
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Originally started in 1971, BALTOPS is an exercise sponsored by Commander, United States European Command, aiming to promote a mutual understanding of maritime interoperability between U.
Our mission is to provide exercise related construction (ERC) in support of BALTOPS 2010" said Ens.
According to Chen, DFT Latvia's emphasis is on construction trades needed for expeditionary camp setup and humanitarian relief, and the construction tempo has been extremely high, since all construction projects must be completed by June prior to BALTOPS 2010.
Unification amongst the participants of BALTOPS 2012 proved to be an instrumental asset, furthermore strengthening the already strong relationship held amongst the participating countries.
As one of the largest multinational maritime exercise taking place in the region this year, BALTOPS was designed to promote regional cooperation, and foster multinational interoperability to train for joint combat operations to defense against regional and transnational threats.
Grybauskaite called the BALTOPS 2012 exercises concrete proof that the states are sticking to the provisions that came into force during the NATO Summits in Lisbon and Chicago for ensuring defense by means of regular training, exercises and defense plans.
The USS Normandy warship, sailing in Lithuanian territorial waters from the beginning of the operation, was in charge of commanding the BALTOPS 2012 naval contingent including the "Lublin" class ships as well as five ships of the Baltic mine clearance squadron BALTRON.
first organized the naval exercise BALTOPS in 1972.