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Elias Balit, Sales Head of IMI , said: "Quality always sells and the current slowdown in the global economy is not affecting the niche segment which is less affected by market conditions.
Both books have gorgeous illustrations by Christina Balit, and Jacqueline Mitton provides charming descriptions of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses whose stories underlie longstanding interpretations of the heavenly patterns.
sa istu pana ana simtim illik u inuma awilum su balatum-ma balit mimma epes[a]m ul ile PN, [.
This innovation will make it simpler for women to buy swimwear -- one of the most challenging items of clothing to purchase," said Steven Balit, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Maillot Baltex.
Lovely drawings by Christina Balit accents an unusual first-person story from the scarab's viewpoint, which blends drama and mystery with historic background.