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Reports indicate that the women were killed about 10 days before Bama was liberated by army forces on March 16.
The Borno state government and the armed forces have said Bama remains under government control, but did not immediately respond to calls asking for updates on the security situation.
Earlier, the army confirmed that they arrested Bama in the group's headquarter city last week, and suspected him of being behind the recent attacks in the region.
BAMA is a corporation made up of tier one Toyota suppliers who share a common vision with Toyota of delivering the highest quality vehicles at the lowest cost, with the shortest lead time.
What are some alternative inventory policies that Bama Drinks could use?
The VRG discovered that the Bama Company supplies McDonald's with their pies.
Security forces conducted search and clearance operation at Bama Khela near Matta, Bangai Banda near Barikot and recovered cache of arms and ammunition along with a vehicle.
GRO Industrier will be acquired from BAMA Gruppen and Gartnerhallen.
BAMA said that five years ago only 7% of local authorities collected aerosol cans for recycling, but that 75% of councils were now recycling them.
If the latter, then the BAMA subcommittee performs a survey of the supply base, and the results are then forwarded to Huber.