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BAMBIBorn-Again Middle-Aged Biker
BAMBIBay Area Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment Information Network (Oakland, CA)
BAMBIBiochemistry And Molecular Biology International
BAMBIBallistic Anti-Missile Boost Intercept (1950s ABM)
BAMBIBMP (Bone Morphogenetic Protein) and Activin Membrane-Bound Inhibitor (biochemistry)
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BAMBI baby diapers now feature an improved flexible stretch panel, offering better fit and allowing infants and toddlers to move freely and more comfortably.
In tribute to the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney's inception of his animated classic, BAMBI, Walt Disney Home Entertainment will place the extraordinary, must-own Disney DVD BAMBI II under moratorium just 70 days after its street date.
BAMBI is one of Walt Disney's greatest triumphs and one of the all-time most requested Disney classics.
the Company is guaranteeing two- day delivery on all BAMBI re-orders to
a cumulative box-office of $268 million, BAMBI consistently remains one
In consultation with another physician, Abuzeni, when performing the first BAMBI procedure on the patient, also performed an experimental procedure involving platelet-rich plasma using the patient as her own "control" subject by treating one breast differently from the other.
BAMBI has been voted the top movie tear-jerker in a poll for a US magazine.