BAMGBidimensional Anisotrope Mesh Generator (mathematics)
BAMGBay Area Motion Graphics (San Francisco, CA)
BAMGBonnier Amigo Music Group
BAMGBovine Adrenal Medulla Gangliosides
BAMGBorder Analysis and Management Group, Inc.
BAMGBrand Asset Management Group (Chesterfield, MO)
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The prepared BAMG were stored in PBS solution containing 1% amikacin at 4[degrees]C until use.
005, which was found to highest in comparison to either native tissue samples or different cross-linked BAMG samples under study (Fig.
We consider this extreme case, although it is unlikely to arise in practice, to demonstrate the robustness of the BAMG approach as a coarsening strategy for the targeted anisotropic problems.
When presenting results of the solver constructed by the resulting BAMG setup algorithm, we use two pre- and post-Gauss-Seidel relaxation sweeps on all grids except the coarsest, where a direct solver is used.
In this section, we illustrate the choice of coarse grids and interpolation patterns that the BAMG setup algorithm constructs when applied to the finite difference and bilinear finite element approximations of the anisotropic test problem for [epsilon] = [10.
Another interesting deliverable of the proposed BAMG setup algorithm, in particular of its implementation of the compatible relaxation and the algebraic distances, is the pattern of the resulting coarse-grid stencil.
In the tables, the asymptotic convergence rates [rho] of the two-grid solver produced by the BAMG setup algorithm are reported, along with the corresponding coarsening factors [[gamma].
The efficacy of BAMG was tested on the basis of the following parameters.
The reconstructed urinary bladder was grossly examined for the presence of adhesions, status of reconstructed site, fate of BAMG and for the presence of any calculi or any other abnormalities.
The acellularity of prepared BAMG was confirmed histologically which showed complete acellularity with normal collagen fibres arrangement.
After this cell seeded BAMG was used for cystoplasty in rabbit.
In group A, at day 30, the cross-linked BAMG was highly necrosed and disintegrated.