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BANANABridge Analog Network and Node Analyzer (Cisco)
BANANABay Area Numerical Analysis Networking Alliance (California)
BANANABoron Artifact Non-Artifact Nefarious Anomaly (IBM)
BANANABuild Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
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This very dapper but dwarfish figure, with the spike of black beard carried insolently forward, the clever unrestful eyes, the neat but very nervous fingers, could be none other than the man just described to him: Isidore Smythe, who made dolls out of banana skins and match-boxes; Isidore Smythe, who made millions out of undrinking butlers and unflirting housemaids of metal.
She took another banana, in case the first might not be sufficient.
He took the banana in a detached manner, as it to convey the idea that it did not commit him to any particular course of conduct.
And upon this, without other warning, he let fly with the banana which missed my head, and took the constable just under the left eye.
Behind is a tropical Landscape with palm-trees, bananas, etc.
She was working at a great design of a tropical river running through a tropical forest, where spotted deer would eventually browse upon masses of fruit, bananas, oranges, and giant pomegranates, while a troop of naked natives whirled darts into the air.
Bananas, foraged from the bush, were served, cooked and raw, a dozen different ways, each one of which he declared was better than any other.
For three days I lived off guavas, OHIA-apples, and bananas, all of which grew wild in the jungle.
Bananas and plantains will ripen over our heads--avocados and custard apples, also.
No cocoanuts nor bananas were to be seen, though dense, tropic vegetation overran everything, dripping in airy festoons from the sheer lips of the precipices and running riot in all the crannied ledges.
These almost impenetrable forests were composed of pomegranates, orange-trees, citrons, figs, olives, apricots, bananas, huge vines, whose blossoms and fruits rivaled each other in color and perfume.
Most popular licuado is the supermacho prepared with eggs, banana, coconut, almonds, chocolate, granola, nuts, milk, raisins, ice and vanilla, then topped with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.