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BANCOMEXTBanco Nacional de Comercio Exterior, SNC (Mexico)
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Among the processed foods in high demand, according to BANCOMEXT, are salsas, sweets, snacks and organic foods.
According to the BANCOMEXT specialist, "he who does things well, enters.
Cuando Jose Luis Vera se propuso vender sus botas en Estados Unidos, la primera puerta que golpeo fue la de BANCOMEXT (Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior de Mexico).
Luego, a traves de la Secretaria de Economia y BANCOMEXT, se van encontrando los caminos".
BANCOMEXT is a governmental financial institution in Mexico with a mission to promote foreign trade and attract foreign capital.
Amid these developments, BANCOMEXT has been actively supporting environment-related projects with a focus on renewable energy.
Jose Antonio Gonzalez Carranca, Advisory Services Assistant Manager and Carlos Sinencio Gonzalez, Development Services Information Manager, BANCOMEXT, Mexico
This new function complemented effectively the activities that BANCOMEXT was already undertaking.
In its functions as the country's focal point for trade promotion, BANCOMEXT has the following objectives:
To encourage a greater number of firms to become involved in international business, and to improve the competitiveness of Mexican firms in world markets, BANCOMEXT created a technical training institute (Instituto de Formacion Tecnica, or IFT) in July 1989.
The Institute is located in the headquarters of BANCOMEXT in Mexico City in modern premises built in 1991.
Por eso, ganamos el primer lugar en el premio i-Best", resalto el director de BANCOMEXT.