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BANCORBanco Reformador (Guatemala Central America, bank)
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Clearance of multilateral trade balances would then occur through accounts held by individual central banks with the clearing union; central banks of surplus countries would accumulate bancors, while deficit countries would have to draw down balances, with each member state entitled to overdraft facilities not exceeding half a rolling average of its overall volume of trade.
The external value of the dollar could be left to freely fluctuating exchange rates, or preferably to the rate against the bancor in Keynes' clearing union.
After the developing world follows suit, nations will begin to peg their currencies to the bancor.
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97 Lafayette Community Bancor, Bank holding company
For example, the alliance is launching a promotion with Bancor, one of Brazil's largest travel wholesalers, and with airlines.
Issues of Bancor would also be used to maintain aggregate global demand and hence global full employment on the lines Keynes had developed in his writings during the 1930s.
1 million from a fraud recovery related to the acquisition of First Harrisburg Bancor in 1996.
A global currency, bancor, issued by a global central bank would be designed as a stable store of value that is not tied exclusively to the conditions of any particular economy," the IMF paper said.
41bn in assets and offices in the Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati metropolitan markets, Louisville, Kentucky-based Stock Yards Bancor Inc is the parent company of Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company.
Gonzalez further honed his expertise in international marketing and development with Palace Resorts and Bancor Leaders in Travel, Inc.
He traces through recent monetary history starting with Keynes's conception of bancor (combining the French words for "bank" and "'gold") as the new international money unit for settling international payments imbalances.