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They say it is all "these cursed women," and that we are the bane of the world; but don't let them laugh or grumble you out of your good resolutions, or your affection for me.
Minerva, therefore, took Mars by the hand and said, "Mars, Mars, bane of men, bloodstained stormer of cities, may we not now leave the Trojans and Achaeans to fight it out, and see to which of the two Jove will vouchsafe the victory?
Then Phoebus Apollo said to Mars, "Mars, Mars, bane of men, blood-stained stormer of cities, can you not go to this man, the son of Tydeus, who would now fight even with father Jove, and draw him out of the battle?
Jonas Paulsen, an employee with Bane NOR whose job includes cleaning up after animal collisions, said the reindeer stood little chance.
Pathak's performance as Bane Singh is being appreciated.
With more than 70 doctors volunteering as part of the scheme, BANE will support the North East Ambulance Service by providing both pre-hospital emergency care and medicine for patients suffering cardiac arrest, trauma and severe medical emergencies.
And after the Mirror helped publicise the incident, coupled with a dedicated Facebook campaign, Bane was released, spotted and finally able to return to his family.
Bane, who claims to be Paterson's chief of staff, dated him for more than 18 months before he dumped her last month at about the time he and his estranged wife, Michelle, formally filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage.
The video reveals several abilities range from Shadow Leap, which enables protagonist Eric Bane to leap across short distances in puffs of smoke and the night vision-like Auspex to Shadow Kill and Shadow Grip .
Hollywood star Tom Hardy has told how the voice he used as back-breaking Bane in batbuster The Dark Knight Rises was modelled on Bartley Gorman, an infamous bare-knuckle boxer from Uttoxeter in Staffordshire.
The plot, once one has disentangled it from numerous rather silly subplots, concerns an attempt by a hugely powerful character known as Bane to destroy Gotham City and kill millions, all apparently because he had an unhappy childhood.
Yet the seemingly invincible villain Bane (Hardy) sees Batman pick up his cloak, while daring thief Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman (Hathaway), adds an extra bit of spice.