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BANGBrighton Animators Networking Group
BANGBay Area iNtactivists Group (Oakland, CA)
BANGBoston Area Naturists Group (Boston, MA)
BANGBroomhill Action & Neighbourhood Group (Sheffield, UK)
BANGBis Acrylamide Nitrogen Gel (radiation dosimeters)
BANGBay Area News Group (website and newspaper; San Francisco, CA)
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Another chant from Hagar produced another apparition, not a lovely one, for with a bang an ugly black imp appeared and, having croaked a reply, tossed a dark bottle at Hugo and disappeared with a mocking laugh.
And with that he shut the window with a bang, and, as much out of temper and out of sorts as if some great misfortune had befallen him, stretched himself on his bed, where we will leave him for the present, as the great Sancho Panza, who is about to set up his famous government, now demands our attention.
At the bottom of the ladder, a door opened, and shut after us immediately with a bang.
Just like parade it had been a minute before-- then stumble, bang, swish
An' jest then a shot slapped him bang on th' side th' head.
Great horse-pistols, too, were found, which would go off with a bang like a cannon.
There seemed nothing else to be expected but that, the next moment, he would fetch his great club down, slam bang, and smash the vessel into a thousand pieces, without heeding how many innocent people he might destroy; for there is seldom any mercy in a giant, you know, and quite as little in a piece of brass clockwork.
We listened to the steward going into the bathroom out of the saloon, filling the water bottles there, scrubbing the bath, setting things to rights, whisk, bang, clatter--out again into the saloon--turn the key--click.
For it is a solid, heavy, handsome door, and must once have been in the habit of shutting with a sonorous bang behind a liveried lackey, who had just seen his master and mistress off the grounds in a carriage and pair.
I could but stand outside, and take a last look at the two sweet children, ere they disappeared within, and the golden gate closed with a bang.
Adornment of all India, heave to, or I'll bang every toe off your forefoot
That Cheyne boy's the biggest nuisance aboard," said a man in a frieze overcoat, shutting the door with a bang.