BAOABridal Association of America (Bakersfield, California)
BAOABachelor of Arts in Organizational Administration (various locations)
BAOABritish Automobile Owners Association (Albuquerque, NM)
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Residents of the Empowerment Zone are provided quality employment in the often overlooked areas of New York City and, in return, BAOA is given significant 'safe zone' economic advantages to open a new business.
Under terms of the agreement BAOA has acquired the publishing and marketing rights to the following products:
Michael Knox is such a dynamic individual with a proven track record of developing and marketing world class CD-ROM games," said William "Tank" Black, President of BAOA.
As we begin training our staff in Jamaica and ramping up out-bound call services, BAOA will have formally begun implementing its business strategy to develop, own and operate call centers to generate revenues and profits for the company and to employ and economically empower individuals.
Company," said William "Tank" Black, President of BAOA.
The BAOA Secured MasterCard Credit Card works just like an unsecured credit card except that the customer opens an interest-bearing savings account when the card is issued.
In addition, Peter Van Brunt, president and chief executive officer of BAOA Inc.
BAOA has been approved for funding to help rebuild under-served communities by creating a high tech, telecommunications skill-base through the creation of the company's call center businesses.
BAOA expects to bring up to 600 new jobs to the zone through the call center.
A series of credit cards will make use of the BAOA logo under license for the marketing of the credit cards to 34 million Black Americans, 70 percent of whom do not currently hold a credit card.
to provide telemarketing contracts for BAOA telemarketing call centers.
As previously announced, a portion has been earmarked for the BAOA Foundation for the advancement of the Black community nationwide.