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BAPBiodiversity Action Plan
BAPBeta Alpha Psi (National Honors Business Information Fraternity)
BAPBandwidth Allocation Protocol
BAPBranche d'Activite Professionnelle (French)
BAPBasketball Association of the Philippines
BAPBritish Association for Psychopharmacology
BAPBlood Agar Plate (microbiology)
BAPBlack American Princess
BAPBritish Association of Psychotherapists
BAPBroader Autism Phenotype
BAPBarometric Absolute Pressure (automotive engine computer)
BAPBéton Autoplaçant (French: Self-Consolidating Concrete)
BAPBeneficiary Advisory Panel (US DoD)
BAPBrevet d'Animateur Poney
BAPBonding Assistance Program
BAPBuque Armada Peruana (Peruvian Navy Ship)
BAPBaltimore Algebra Project (math literacy program)
BAPBusiness Automobile Policy (insurance)
BAPBiP-Associated Protein
BAPBulletin d'Analyse Phénoménologique (French: Phenomenological Analysis Bulletin; University of Liege; Belgium)
BAPBenefits Analysis Program
BAPBicycles Against Poverty (est. 2007)
BAPBrigade AntiPub (French anti-advertising group)
BAPBalloon Aerial Photography
BAPBest Achievable Protection
BAPBridge Adapter Pallet
BAPBuurt Actie Partij
BAPBuilding Architect Plus (game)
BAPBoîte à Polpette (French role-playing game group)
BAPBanker's Association of the Philippines
BAPBachelor of Arts in Psychology
BAPBusiness Application Program
BAPBasic Assembly Program
BAPButte, Anaconda, & Pacific Railway Company
BAPBorn Again Pagan
BAPBaseline Activity Profile
BAPBranch Arm Piping
BAPBudget Allocation Plan
BAPBasic Aborting Protocol
BAPBritish Association of Planetariums
BAPBeta Assessment Plan
BAPBredero Avrusnings Prosjekt
BAPBallistic Artillery Projectile
BAPBisexual and Proud
BAPBâtiment d'Accueil du Public (French: Public Reception Building)
BAPBriefing Automation Package
BAPBrake Application Pressure
BAPBeagle Activation Probe (Mechwarrior)
BAPBoric Acid Ponds
BAPBest Available Price
BAPBachelier en Architecture Paysagiste (Bachelor of Landscape Architecture)
BAPBusiness Access Point (wireless communications)
BAPBali Action Plan (UN Climate Change Conference; Bali, Indonesia)
BAPBuilding America Program (US Department of Energy)
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To characterize the effects of BaP alone, the second agent alone, or the combined treatment versus controls or versus each other, all of the treatment groups were first considered as a one-dimensional factor in the statistical design.
In the first experiment of the proliferation stage, BAP significantly increased number of new green leaves and axillary shoots and decreased brown leaves at 1% level (Table 1).
The concentration of NAA and BAP significantly affected the number of bud induction for H12 and H20 clones (p < 0.
The present studies have shown that BAP alone without any auxin promote the shoot proliferation [10,11,12,13].
One change requested by BAP was the three per cent interest rate set by the state on loans given by pawnshops.
With support for EPCglobal Gen 2 technology, customers can leverage their existing RFID infrastructure to read BAP labels without an additional investment in new equipment.
Ten of the 26 BAP species are considered widespread across many parts of the UK, but seven are still declining, including the skylark, grey partridge, turtle dove and bullfinch.
In this regard, the scaffolds made of BAp are perceived to be more beneficial than stoichiometric HAp for bone tissue restoration because they may inherit some of the properties of raw bone such as chemical composition, crystalline phase, morphological structure, and mechanical strength, which are all prime determinant factors in the performance of scaffolds.
Q We are a pediatric hospital and our laboratory is incorporating BAP with ampicillin and CIN agar into our stool-culture regimen.
Spread the untoasted cut side of each bap with passata, allowing it to soak into the bread.
BAP encourages student chapters to participate in the VITA program.
Jewel is a teen television sensation trying to fit in, Regina is a rebellious BAP ready to explore life beyond suburbia, and Carmen is a product of the projects, determined that an education will remove the shackles of poverty.