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BARABureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (formerly Bureau of Ethnic Research)
BARABlock of Alternative for the Renewal of Africa (MALI)
BARABergen Amateur Radio Association
BARABritish Automation and Robotics Association
BARABay Area Recruiters' Association
BARABinghamton Area Rainbow Association (Binghamton, NY)
BARABusiness Advice for Rural Areas
BARABrunei Adventure Recreation Association (Brunei)
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The road was closed due to security reasons when militant groups were in control of most parts of Bara.
He hailed Bara people for their response to planning of the town that contributed to flow and enhancement of services.
He maintained that earlier Bara Bazaar had been resumed for business activities and in the near future, routine life would restore in Bara .
The people of Qambarkhle tribe in Bara highly appreciated the operation of FCKP and assured full cooperation to the force against terrorists.
Stratigraphically, the oldest formation of the studied area is the Bara Formation (Middle Paleocene).
As part of resuming life in the Bara Market, the political agent inaugurated a bus terminal, a municipal committee office, rescue service and the Bara Press Club.
However, unlike the Bara Thrust, the Shin Qamar Thrust carries Palaeocene units as well as the Murree Formation in its hangingwall with the original unconformable contact being the Palaeocene and the Miocene being intact.
Some of the accused had originally claimed that they beat Bara as part of an exorcism intended to cleanse her of the devil.
Mrs Roberts and her 19-year-old daughter Sian spent a morning showing Mr Vickery how to cook a traditional Welsh bara brith in her kitchen during his visit to Anglesey.
BARA comments that the growth sectors are mostly made up of larger companies, and the survey may indicate that SMEs still have a lack of automation awareness.
PESHAWAR, July 3 -- The security forces Friday gunned down 15 terrorists in an operation carried out in Bara tehsil of Khyber agency, security sources told this news agency.
BARA, May 25 -- An explosion occurred at an ammunition godown in a fort of the Frontier Corps (FC) in the Bara tehsil of Khyber Agency, causing no loss of life, security sources said on Monday.