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BARCISBarcode Information System
BARCISBar Code Inventory System
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Contract notice: Race for the integrated management of urban hygiene services in the municipalities of andreis, aviano, barcis, budoia, caneva, cavasso new, cimolais, claut, clauzetto, erto and casso, fanna, friston, maniago, meduno, sequals, tramonti di sopra, tramonti di sotto, travesio, vajont, vito d~asio and vivaro in compliance with the provisions of the dm environment 13/02/2014 from 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2021.
The execution of the supply must be executed in the City of Barcis (PN), placed in an available area near the confluence of the river Varma in the Cellina river, along the SR n.
Djokovic did not have things entirely his own way under the Italian sun, quite unlike the stroll he enjoyed in Wednesday's second round against Belgian Steve Barcis.