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BARFBiologically Appropriate Raw Foods
BARFBones And Raw Foods
BARFBay Area Rapid Folders (origami organization)
BARFBay Area Riders Forum (motorcycling web forum)
BARFBiblical America Resistance Front (Burtonsville, MD)
BARFBay Area Renaissance Festival (Largo, FL)
BARFBe A Real Friend
BARFBest Available Retrofit Facility
BARFBooks Are Really Fun
BARFBile and Regurgitated Food
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You authorize Barf Bag Week to charge your credit card $9.
The overall BARF winner was the classic scream movie, the Exorcist.
THE NATIONAL BARF BAG is a high quality gift bag designed to humor, inform and elevate discussion on the stewardship of the nation's economic recovery.
A good idea, I thought, to stand and watch this in the hope that Junior would barf at the prospect of having to clean up dog mess.
Dw i hefyd wedi actio llwyth o rannau dynion a gwisgo mwstas a barf - roedd hynny'n brofiad gwahanol
North Yorkshire's Detective Inspector Dave Barf said: "We are committed to ensuring UK courts have all the information relevant to the case they are considering at their disposal.
Washington, Oct 22 (ANI): The thought of eating a rat might make many barf but in some countries, the rodent is a delicacy.
Mari Grug a Daloni Metcalfe fydd yn cyflwyno'r rhaglen gan grwydro'r maes ar ddiwrnod barf o Fai, yn cyfarfod rhai o'r trefnwyr, cystadleuwyr ac ymwelwyr.
The troops searched on Sunday compounds in Tala Wa Barf district targeting an insurgent known to plan improvised explosive device (IED) attacks, the coalition said in a statement.
You already know whether this is the kind of thing that makes you reach for a hankie or the barf bucket.
Now we are into the pre-election foolishness and I am ready to barf.
Chester bounced back well, but Yeovil doubled their advantage after 56 minutes when Caceres' effort was adjudged to have gone in after crashing down from the underside of the barf.