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BARQABritish Association of Research Quality Assurance (Ipswich, UK)
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The First Call Of Transitional National Council (TNC) Leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, A Moderate Islamist Former Justice Minister, Was The Revival Of Polygamy Which Ousted & Slain Tyrant Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi Had Forbidden; But Now Those Armed Militia Groups Which Ousted The Dictatorship Are Fighting Each Other; The Tribes Are Engaged In Endless Battles While The Barqa Province In The East Wants Self-Rule Under A Confederal System
France condemns the attack by settlers against a mosque in Barqa village
When Ibn Tulunn, who had been alerted, returned to Egypt, al-'Abbas left for Alexandria and then for Barqa with troops and a part of the state treasury.
1994 Vorbericht tiber die Grabungen in Barqa el-Hetiye im Gebeit yon Fenan, Wadi el-Araba (Jordanien) 1990.
In addition, requests for proposals were recently issued for Oman's Sohar 2 and Barqa 3 schemes, while advisers are due to be appointed on the Duqm and Ghubrah schemes, also in Oman.
Striking developments are also taking place in Oman where rapid progress is expected with two fast-track IPPs, the 240-mw power station at Sharqiya and the larger Barqa project.
King Idriss's social base was in the Eastern region, Barqa, while Qaddafi was born in the central region, and went to school in the southern region, Fezzan.
Barqa would cover nearly half the country, from the centre to the Egyptian border in the east and south to the borders with Chad and Sudan.
10 by the Barqa (Cyrenaica) Political Bureau (BPB), an autonomous group set up in October together with its own government in a move which angered the central authorities in Tripoli.
Elaborating on goal pursued by the Arab countries' efforts and support for the disintegration of Libya, the sources said that they want to take the control of Barqa from Tripoli and put it under the control of Cairo so that the newly-established government in Egypt can use the rich oil resources in Barqa.
The most critical issue, now being debated, is whether or not Libya is to have a federal regime on which activists in the eastern province of Barqa (Cyrenaica) have been insisting since the fall of Col Mu'ammar Qadhafi's 42-year dictatorship in October 2011.
In Nablus, Israeli forces arrested Mahmoud Mohammad Jamil Hajah, 18, from Barqa village, north of Nablus.