BARRNETBay Area Regional Research Network (California)
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Note to editors: NEARNET and BARRNET are service marks of BBN Internet Services Corp.
The NEARNET, BARRNET, and SURAnet operations comprise more than 1,000 business, government, academic, and medical institutions in 22 states and the District of Columbia.
We have long enjoyed a productive relationship with the NEARNET and BARRNET staff -- a relationship that has been characterized by tremendous mutual respect.
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Through its BARRNET and NEARNET service areas, BBN will be Cisco's primary provider of high-bandwidth Internet connectivity.
In August, we acquired BARRNET, the leading provider of Internet access in Northern California and we also expanded our NEARNET service from New England to metropolitan New York.
Gudonis said, "BBN Internet Services Corporation, through its NEARNET and BARRNET operations, has already established itself as a premier domestic provider of Internet services.