BARSCBritish Association of Remote Sensing Companies (UK)
BARSCBay Area Renal Stone Center (urology; Pinellas Park, FL)
BARSCBritish Alpine Racing Ski Clubs (UK)
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The brothers William and Frederick Dorrit, walking up and down the College-yard--of course on the aristocratic or Pump side, for the Father made it a point of his state to be chary of going among his children on the Poor side, except on Sunday mornings, Christmas Days, and other occasions of ceremony, in the observance whereof he was very punctual, and at which times he laid his hand upon the heads of their infants, and blessed those young insolvents with a benignity that was highly edifying--the brothers, walking up and down the College-yard together, were a memorable sight.
To further that aim, Emma hopes to contest the BARSC event in Austria on New Years Eve.
El modelo de alojamiento esbozado desde finales de los anos veinte cumple requisitos como el caracter igualitario y la economia de medios, por tanto ha de ser minimo y seriado, habiendo autores como BARSC y GINZBURG (1930) que en seguida anticipan la prefabricacion.