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BARTSSt Bartholomew's Hospital (UK)
BARTSBell Atlantic Regional Timesharing
BARTSBlack Arts Repertory Theatre/School (Harlem, NY)
BARTSBladen Area Rural Transportation System (North Carolina)
BARTSBehavioral Assessment and Rehabilitative Training System (psychophysiology)
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Barts, Mustique and other glam destinations require driving.
Instead, Beye faced the long, drawnout process of sitting down with the laid back St Barts authorities and the local police in order to plot his return across the Atlantic.
Barts Island, in the Caribbean, where the local police say there is no crime, because they want no bad publicity--just tourist dollars.
If St Martin is all laidback style, St Barts is obvious chic, and the smaller island is that little bit more exclusive.
With enough planning, anything can be arranged,' one of our hosts said, and the quality and range of foods on St Martin and St Barts - neither of which produce anything themselves - is testament to that statement.
Carillion chief executive John McDonough said: "We are delighted to be involved in the delivery of such essential services to Barts and the London NHS Trust which will manage the largest new hospital in the UK in the form of The Royal London as well as a Cancer and Cardiac Centre of Excellence at St Bart's.
Now that Barts has received the go-ahead, the Birmingham scheme might finally receive approval.
Barts government had resisted competition with French Caribbean carriers.
Some 230 Key Stage 1 pupils from Aldermans Green, Hawksbury Fields, Stoke, Willenhall Wood and Wyken Croft took part in the event hosted by St Barts Primary School, Binley.
Barts may choose to power lunch at the Hotel Carl Gustaf dining room (11 Norman St.
It was Ra, those weekday evenings at The BARTS, who introduced the so-called "Light Show" the rockers ripped off.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The London Gamma Knife Centre, which runs in partnership with Barts and The London NHS Trust, has decided to invest in the latest and most advanced radiosurgery equipment.