BASCAPBusiness Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (International Chamber of Commerce)
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Hemaya Universal is a member of both ICC and BASCAP.
BASCAP had launched its IP guidelines only last week in Europe, and its introduction so soon afterwards at 'Arab World Protect 2008', the First Arab Consumer and Brand Protection Forum is testimony of the Forum's anticipated impact on how governments and the private sector in the Arab world combat commercial fraud and counterfeiting in the months and years ahead.
In addition to today's public launch, an important part of the educational process is to distribute the IP Guidelines to companies around the world," said Jeff Hardy, ICC's BASCAP Coordinator.
Speaking at the BASCAP launch Mr Nicoli, chairman of the UK's largest record company, said piracy was not just a problem for the music industry and companies in the Western world.
BASCAP will initially focus its efforts on lobbying governments and law enforcement agencies, raising awareness of the economic damage caused by piracy and the procedures needed to clamp down on it.
Mr Nicoli said that BASCAP will consider publishing a league table ranking countries by the level of piracy and counterfeiting, although this is likely to take about a year.
Meanwhile, BASCAP noted that also in April, Palestinian police raided and seized the contents of two cosmetic and medical product factories in the Nablus area.
And in March, BASCAP reported a discovery of a GBPounds 500,000 haul of counterfeit medicines in Middlesbrough in northern England, including diet pills.