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BASEEFABritish Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres (UK; product standards organization)
BASEEFABritish Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment for Flammable Atmospheres
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Company Applies for and Begins Process to Obtain BASEEFA Certification for Its GASPT2 Device
Williams, based in the UK, will focus on managing and coordinating the manufacturing relationship with Ingenion, the BASEEFA certification process, and sales in Europe and Asia.
In a separate action, Waytronx announced that it has completed and submitted its application to acquire BASEEFA certification for the company and its GASPT2 device.
Having now begun the certification process with BASEEFA, Waytronx is on its way to providing a device which will address gas quality and interchangeability in 95% of the natural gas market, providing a relatively inexpensive solution to such functions as product transfer and fiscal monitoring," explained Williams.
The staff of BASEEFA now has a staggering total of over 300 years of expertise at the service of its various customers.
Certification by BASEEFA, the 'international gold standard' of certification bodies in the natural gas industry assures us access to some of the largest customers in the industry," continued Clough.
OTCBB:WYNX), a platform company dedicated to the acquisition, development, and commercialization of new, innovative technologies along with its wholly owned subsidiaries, CUI Inc, a provider of electromechanical components and CUI-Japan, its Japanese subsidiary, and Comex Electronics, a partially owned (49%) Japanese subsidiary, today announced that it has received final safety certification from BASEEFA for its revolutionary GasPT2 natural gas metering device.
A new push-in stopping plug for use in demanding industrial environments, the ExPress, from Hawke International, has received Baseefa accreditation.
The company reports that its ZVA 200GR range of Stage II vapour recovery nozzles are now also BASEEFA approved.