BASFIBath Ankylosing Spondylitis Functional Index
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Univariate logistic regression revealed that vitamin D deficiency was associated with BASDAI, spVAS, ESR, and CRP, but not BASFI (Table 2).
Additionally, there were no statistically significant differences in the other indexes (BASDAI, BASFI, and ASDAS) between these two groups (data not shown).
BASFI ve BASDAI puanlari ortalamasi sirasiyla 2,13[+ or -]1,30 (min=0,20, max=6,90) ve 2,07[+ or -]1,90 (min=0,50, max=5,30) olarak bulunmustur.
Baseline, week 2 and week 8 values of VAS at rest and during movements, morning stiffness, patient global assessment (PGA), BASDAI, BASFI, and ASQoL scores were compared between the two groups and no statistically significant differences were found (p>0.
A Pearson correlation analysis (r: Pearson coefficient) was performed between the disease specific instruments (BASDAI, BASFI, BAS-G, BASMI) and the items in the SF-36.
6-2 mg/dL, and greater than 2 mg/dL), and BASFI score (4.
The group of patients with BASDAI scores above 4 correlated with greater pain scores (assessed with a 0-10 cm VAS composite score), higher BASFI scores (worse functioning) and poorer quality of life scores compared to those AS patients with a BASDAI below 4.
Desenlaces secundarios incluyeron cambios en BASDAI, BASFI, BASMI y la proporcion de pacientes que alcanzo una respuesta de 40% en el ASAS.
A statistically significant correlation was also found between the fecal calprotectin level and some clinical and laboratory findings, and anthropometric parameters (BASDAI, BASFI, CRP, ESR, chest expansion, hand-ground distance, Schober test).
At weeks 24 and 48 mean BASDAI decreased by 45,1% (p=0,007) and by 52,1% (p=0,01), mean BASFI decreased by 38,2% (p=0,007) and by 52,3% (p=0.
Validated Persian version of BASFI (from 0: performed without difficulty to 10: impossible to perform), BASDAI (from 0: no activity to 10: maximum activity) and ASQoL (from 0: the best quality to 18: the worst quality) were used.