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BASHABachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Administration (Southern New Hampshire University; Manchester, NH)
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We are proud and grateful that the museum and The Cowboy Artists of America wanted to pay tribute to Eddie," said Nadine Basha, Eddie's widow.
Every Albanian that wants promotion and protection of their national interests in Macedonia should join the initiative of the Federalization of Macedonia", stressed Basha, after meeting with representatives from the Albanian Diaspora.
He said that Diamer Basha dam would also help increase life of Tarbela dam upto 30 years besides reducing sedimentation in the dam.
25 bond maturing in the third quarter of this year," Abu Basha said.
Dasu Hydropower Project is a run of river scheme located 7 km upstream of Dasu village on Indus River, 74 km downstream of Diamer Basha Dam and 350 km from Islamabad.
Owing to dispute, the Diya Mir Basha Dam could cause damage and it would stop the wheels of development in country, minister remarked.
The Ambassador stated that he handed over Basha a letter from Governor of Al-Ahmadi Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Duaij Al-Sabah.
A source at Damascus Police Command said that militants targeted Midhat Basha market with a mortar shell that landed in a clothing factory, causing the death of a citizen, the state news agency reported.
Police said the Innova car in which he was travelling turned up side down after hitting a divider and Basha died on the spot.
If you look across the past 3 or 4 years its annual revenue has been around $5 billion give or take a little," said Abou Basha.
Jamal Al Dabbas, Director of Ain Al Basha Health Center; and Enaam Barishi, Director of the RHAS.
Summary: Essa Abdulla Al Basha Al Nuaimi, UAE Ambassador to Pakistan, hosted an Iftar banquet here as part of the activities carried out by the embassy during Ramadan.