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BASHHBritish Association for Sexual Health and HIV (UK)
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But if they grow any bigger or they appear outside as well, you need a check-up at your local GUM clinic - see the BASHH website (www.
BASHH released the figures to remind people of the consequences of turning a blind eye to their sexual health.
For more details about the campaign and BASHH visit www.
Richardson D, Goldmeier D, Green J, Lamba H, Harris JR; BASHH Special Interest Group for Sexual Dysfunction.
Although the task force maintains its neutral position regarding high-risk pregnancies, the CDC, ACOG, AAFP and BASHH say there might be high-risk women for whom screening and treatment may be beneficial, the USPSTF authors wrote, noting that optimal treatment for bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy remains unclear.
BASHH are therefore pleased to hear that the Government will be making sexual health services one of the top six NHS priorities for government action in 2006/7.