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BASIBureau of Air Safety Investigation (Australia)
BASIBasic Achievement Skills Inventory (achievement test; Pearson Education, Inc.)
BASIBritish Association of Ski Instructors
BASIBusiness and Social Initiatives (database)
BASIBody Arts and Sciences International (est. 1989)
BASIBusiness Advisory Services Inc. (Parramatta, Australia)
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Basi enjoyed apple-and-bamboo cake in Fuzhou, eastern China, before opening gifts.
PAWS FOR CELEBRATION Basi receives special 35th birthday cake and crown
0 million on a year-on-year basis, largely driven by a declining trend in bullion and scrap sales and a slow sale of DGSE's product line.
For tips and analysis of individual skiing techniques, expert instructors from BASI will be on hand to ski with guests on the slopes of Les Deux Alpes.
Merthyr Crown Court heard Basi became involved in a scuffle with one of the men - Steven Walters - and got back in his car, and accelerated at him.
Olgularimizin konjonktiva basi sitolojisi ornekleri Resim 1,2,3,4,5,6'da gosterilmistir.
The court was told that Phillips, who served in the Army in Northern Ireland and the Falklands, had threatened that if the money was not paid he would return with guns and shoot Mr Basi and his family.
Ampiyem, komsu beyin parankimi uzerine hafifce basi yapmaktadir.
Principal and chief executive Amarjit Basi and chair of governors Steve Somerfield also greeted the Minister on his visit to Walsall College.
Basi yarasi (BY), tedavisinde ve onlenmesinde saglanan tum teknolojik gelismelere ragmen, omurilik yaralanmali (OY) hastalarda sik gorulen komplikasyonlardan biridir (1).
James Cove, who is writing the official history of BASI for the organisation's 50th anniversary in 2012, led the tributes for Frith.