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BASIABrothers and Sisters in Action (Fontana, CA)
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A native of Poland and resident of London, Basia Trzetrzelewska (che-che-LEV-ska) made a huge splash stateside in 1987 with the release of her solo debut Time And Tide (Epic).
Basia tells me: "I was standing talking to someone when this woman (Bruni) came up to me and said, 'Why do you always blank me'.
Basia captures her subjects rather well, and with kindness.
Basia also has taught me dogs don't miss a thing, including insults.
My energetic 9-month-old puppy, Basia, has helped to deflate my spare tire.
Such approach and view was the subject of fruitful participant's discussion (Rasa Levickaite, Basia Nikiforova).
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Automation And Scada Of Rural Water Supply Scheme Basia Konbir And Tirra Under Dw And S Division Gumla
I think there are haters of me in my neighborhood because my new puppy, 7-month-old Basia, prefers away games.
WHEN: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 Doors/Arrivals begin at 10:00 PM Media Placement at 9:30 PM WHERE: Spider Club @ Avalon New York 47 West 20th Street @ 6th Avenue (Red Carpet on 20th Street) CONTACT: Event Press RSVP: Eileen Colavita -- People's Revolution -- 323/658-8700 Basia Irzyk -- Peoples Revolution NYC -- 212-274-0400 Event Photography Available At: http://www.
As a young Michigander, I owned a bird, flogs, snakes and cats, but Basia is my first dog.