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BASICBeginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASICBritish American Security Information Council
BASICBrothers And Sisters In Christ
BASICBeginner'S Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASICBackground Affiliation Status Information Center (National Futures Association)
BASICBroad Area Surveillance Intelligence Capability
BASICBritish American Scientific International Commercial (simplified form of the English language which consisted of only 850 words; usage peaked in the 1930s)
BASICBroad Area Space-based Imagery Collector
BASICBaltimore Activity Scale for Intermittent Claudication (medical questionnaire)
BASICBay Area Shared Information Consortium
BASICBlack Action Strategies and Information Center
BASICBody Armor Set, Individual Countermine
BASICBecoming A Soldier in Christ
BASICBritish Association of Sport in Colleges (UK)
BASICBase Access Service Information Center
BASICBattle Area Surveillance & Integrated Communications
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In the level of post basic education schools (girls), Shatti Al Qurum School for post basic education secured the first place, followed by Zubaydah Ibn Al Ameen for post basic education which came in the second level.
This study evaluates the impact of service learning on student performance among Basic Statistics students.
The objective of this initiative is to foster scientific collaboration between clinical and basic investigators to accelerate the application of basic research results into the clinical setting to improve human health in those areas where environmental factors are known or expected to influence the development or progression of human disease.
Covers the composition of wood, introduces the basic concepts of fiber and paper structure, and also shows how fiber properties affect paper properties and, thus, final sheet quality.
Until recently, MANA supplied only technical product to formulators and basic manufacturers in the United States.
The purpose of the Basic Science Workshop is to bring together researchers from Houston and around the nation to present their work, to discuss new ideas with their peers, and possibly to forge new collaborations.
The nine historically significant barrier screw designs include three basic patents -- Maillefer, Schippers, and Dray--and six improvement patents.
The Basic Science Project Director will be responsible for developing and implementing TAG policy, programs and advocacy projects focusing on basic and applied research on HIV infection, including:
A questionnaire was used to record basic training site, date of reporting to Fort Gordon, and date of onset of symptoms for each trainee.
Sauer drew heavily on knowledge gained solving casting defect problems, developing casting processes and establishing material specifications to highlight how technological advancement can be combined with sound, basic foundry practice.
These basic learnings are important now and also for the future.
If you're not a Red Cross instructor, then the easiest entry point is to become a Basic Water Rescue instructor (approximately an eleven-hour process).