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BASICSBritish Association for Immediate Care
BASICSBasic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival
BASICSBrief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; model program)
BASICSBanff Annual Seminar in Cognitive Science (Canada)
BASICSBusiness Students in Community Service
BASICSBattle Area Surveillance Intelligence Communications System
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No matter what the economic conditions, farmers need to make the basics of a profitable crop production program a high priority.
But as I thought back to many of the problems I have been asked to help solve, I remembered that getting back to foundry basics solved the majority of these problems.
Only the basics or essentials should be emphasized in instruction.
These make-ahead basics feature relatively inexpensive main ingredients and give you something that's nearly ready to serve, once thawed.
District officials said the materials are strong on basic skills and will help teachers present the basics in a way that will interest students.