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BASICSBritish Association for Immediate Care
BASICSBasic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival
BASICSBrief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration; model program)
BASICSBanff Annual Seminar in Cognitive Science (Canada)
BaSICSBusiness Students in Community Service
BASICSBattle Area Surveillance Intelligence Communications System
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It's a public relations/promotional program that began in 1999 in an attempt to provide timely and important messages to growers, retailers and other influential audiences about the basics of proper soil fertility.
But as I thought back to many of the problems I have been asked to help solve, I remembered that getting back to foundry basics solved the majority of these problems.
These make-ahead basics feature relatively inexpensive main ingredients and give you something that's nearly ready to serve, once thawed.
Back to Basics respects the valid intellectual property rights of others just as it expects others to respect Back to Basics' intellectual property rights.
District officials said the materials are strong on basic skills and will help teachers present the basics in a way that will interest students.
Back to Basics will introduce several additional Paula Deen small appliances to retailers in 2007, including a blender, iced tea maker, slow cooker, coffeemaker, and food processor.
I was thrilled to find an appliance that actually fits with my busy lifestyle from a company I personally respect and whose products I have used for years," said Freytag of her decision to become a brand partner with Back to Basics.
BPM Basics was established to better explain the value of BPM and to provide useful, organized information to those evaluating BPM software and solutions.
Back to Basics is also making available cinnamon and toffee pre-mixed glazes, MSRP $3.
According to Back to Basics CEO Randy Hales, "Having a healthful diet is a goal that we can help consumers achieve.