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BASILBay Area Seed Interchange Library
BASILBehavior Analysis Society of Illinois
BASILBasic Skills for Inclusive Learning (UK)
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Not at all," answered Lord Henry, "not at all, my dear Basil.
I hate the way you talk about your married life, Harry," said Basil Hallward, strolling towards the door that led into the garden.
I am afraid I must be going, Basil," he murmured, "and before I go, I insist on your answering a question I put to you some time ago.
Harry," said Basil Hallward, looking him straight in the face, "every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.
I am all expectation, Basil," continued his companion, glancing at him.
Lord Henry felt as if he could hear Basil Hallward's heart beating, and wondered what was coming.
Conscience and cowardice are really the same things, Basil.
My dear old Basil, you are much more than an acquaintance.
I think you are wrong, Basil, but I won't argue with you.
Days in summer, Basil, are apt to linger," murmured Lord Henry.
He pictured to himself with silent amusement the tedious luncheon that he had missed by staying so long with Basil Hallward.
Basil recently earned his stripes at an actual funeral - of Edna Bottomley, 93.