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BASINBuilding Advisory Service and Information Network (Europe)
BASINBoulder Area Sustainability Information Network (Boulder, Colorado)
BASINBiosphere Atmosphere Stable Isotope Network
BASINBrothers And Sisters In Need
BASINBundesweites Alternatives Studentisches Informations-Netzwerk (German: Nationwide Alternative Student Information Network)
BASINBarriers to Assertive Skills in Nurses (nursing)
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In case digitisation on the maps of scale 1:25 00 is done manually it is recommendable that the smallest fingertip tributaries and their basin units, evidenced and measured, be of the 2nd-order.
We always felt that extending the case beyond what is the groundwater basin was not necessary and also contrary to existing law for the way this is traditionally done,'' Principal Deputy County Counsel Fred Pfaeffle said.
A dramatic increase of tourist traffic occurred in 1841 with the arrival of the railroad at La Teste, located midway on the south side of the Basin.
Another consequence of this volume being the offspring of a European Union of Geosciences meeting is that the case studies are heavily based on European basins (twelve out of fifteen papers), with additional examples from Australia (one fore-arc basin), Chile (a divergent continental margin), and Asia (one intracratonic basin).
Activity in the Lake Nipigon area topped the list, followed by Lac des Iles west of Lake Nipigon, East Bull Lake, Agnew Lake, and Seymour Lake, north of the Nipigon basin.
Early this year the federal Bureau of Reclamation (BOR) announced that all irrigation water in the Klamath Basin Project was being withheld from agricultural use so that it could be diverted to the benefit of two species of "endangered" sucker fish and the "threatened" Coho salmon.
Spencer's crediting Basin with providing an example (somehow simultaneously precocious and mainstream [254]) for the U.
For these purposes, the broader basin extends nearly 200 miles from the state capital of Olympia at the Sound's southern end to the Canadian border, including the archipelago of the San Juan Islands.
Their study of images made by the Viking spacecraft more than a decade ago reveals that Argyle Planitia, the second-largest impact basin in the highlands, contains layers of material that could be sediment from a huge body of water held by the basin millions of years ago.
Frankel, senior Construction Group member hosted the Basin was on a whirlwind trip to drum up support for the Russian housing industry.
The use of an offset rectangular pouring basin, is recommended to slow the initial metal velocity and develop a constant height from the basin to the parting line.
Basin Electric is a not-for-profit generation and transmission (G&T) cooperative that provides wholesale power to ten member distribution cooperatives and eight member G&T wholesale cooperatives.